This Sonnet of an Evening

The boy didn't want to go to sleep.

He wanted Kel to read him his book--The Very Hungry Caterpillar for those of you playing along at home--and when he realized it was my turn to read to him before bed, his eyes welled up with tears. He drug out his little beanbag chair into the hall, pulling it up to Kel's feet as if it were an offering, a way of begging into her arms for a nighttime story.

We compromised. (Julia, in her own way, let it be known she expected Mommy to read to her. I was chopped liver at that point, I guess.) Kel read Caterpillar to them both, one tucked on each side on their beanbag chairs, and I relaxed in the rocker in Thomas's room, listening to their voices, to the cold rain drumming the rooftop.

T came back into the room afterward, still not entirely sure about letting me read to him, but soon enough we were finishing our third book (Scat Cat), and he still wanted another one.


When You Can't Make Time

I don't mean to come across as emotionally needy or anything, but my goodness, have I missed you guys. 

Who know who's reading this anymore anyway, but I have to tell you, I've shorted the time I have for writing about things, about just putting pen (proverbially) to paper here, and writing about sitting in my car and watching the rain of orange and yellow leaves falling around me, about the way this autumn's foliage has been muted, about what that might say about so many other things.

I've had to keep so many quiet little moments to myself, things I usually like to string into handsome paragraphs here, because I haven't made the time.

And what an inaccurate turn of the phrase: I haven't made the time.

It's the clever, somewhat annoying response to the standard excuse "I haven't had the time," the one your parents tell you when you try telling them why your room isn't clean or why your homework isn't finished. "No," the parental admonishment goes, "you haven't made the time."

If only it were that easy.


November 2014 Election: Iredell County Voter's Guide

Don't go to the polls unprepared.

Even though we've been under a siege of attack ads between our US Senate candidates, there are many, many important elections on this November's ballot.

These picks are based on my personal vetting of candidates. In many cases, I'm making a pick based on a relatively small amount of information, but I've worked diligently to gather data where I can and admit when I don't have it. Generally speaking, I am a pro-education, fiscally conservative, socially progressive-minded person.

You must vote in your assigned polling location (find yours here). And apparently you cannot use a cell phone at the poll, so it might be best to write down your picks on a piece of paper prior to voting.

Don't have time to read all of this? A full summary of my picks is at the bottom of this post for your convenience.