Happy Birthday, You Old Bard, You

Today marks the 450th birthday of our beloved William Shakespeare. We think.

Even though we aren't entirely sure of what day he was born, scholars generally agree that, given that William Shakespeare was christened on April 26, we can assume he was born today. (It also helps that the Bard passed away on this same day; it makes a neater story.)

So it seems appropriate to share my magnum opus of YouTube, the one and only "Shakespeare: Brief and Naughty." Enjoy, and cheers to you, Billy Shockspeare. You've never looked better.


Iredell County Board of Ed: Districts 1 and 3 Recommendations

Eight candidates introduced themselves to voters at last night's forum. Here's what I thought.

The Statesville Record & Landmark and Chamber of Commerce hosted the second of two forums for Board of Education candidates yesterday. Voters had the chance to meet the three candidates for District 1, which blankets the northern half of Iredell County, as well as the candidates for District 3, a small slice of Statesville, where two-term incumbent John Rogers has found four challengers in the race with him.

The second forum mirrored the first: two minutes for opening and closing statements, and in between, five questions. The topics last night were slightly different, focusing on school safety and enabling local autonomy in spite of growing state and federal regulations, but candidates heard similar themes from the first forum, including how to deal with a distressed budget situation and picking out the single biggest issue system-wide.

Read on for my recap and recommendations--and an important amendment to my last post:


Iredell County Board of Ed: Districts 5 and 7 Recommendations

Iredell County Board of Education Elections are less than three weeks away.

I decided to get a taste of what's happening in local politics last night and attended a Board of Education candidates forum for two of the four districts in contention this primary. Iredell County's BOE is a non-partisan group, so the May 6 primary vote is the deciding ballot. That's less than three weeks away--and with a field of 14 candidates among the four districts, the choices for voters seem overwhelming.

About 50 folks came out for last night's forum for Districts 5 and 7 candidates, all lily-white. The group was given an opportunity to make opening and closing statements, and they each were asked five questions, which ranged from funding issues to charter schools to how the board works with the superintendent.

Read on for a recap of the forum and my recommendations: